What I think about having extra pounds or people that can only complain? Find out more 🙂

Today I’m going to say my opinion about being chubby! Haha! My latest swimsuit season … I’m not brave enough to share it permanently, so they’re visible only through my Instagram stories…

Those pics have shown that I was a little bit fat, and that could be offensive to someone… and he/she may be right, after all. If I want to be honest with myself, I’m okay with what I am, but the perfect shape is when you feel good with what you wear, that’s why I never weight myself! Well, unless I’m forced to do it! We can feel in shape even with some extra fat, or less weight. It’s entirely subjective after all! We’re the best judges of ourselves.


But I just want to say something… to all the people that are too much lazy or indulgent with themselves:


If you’re overweight, and you don’t do nothing to change the situation… why do you even complain? It’s like an unemployed that waits to have a job without even looking for it! Or like a worker that hates his/her job, but he/she doesn’t even bother to apply for other jobs or send resumes…


STOP IT! You have to take control of your life! You and only you can do that, not someone else!


I know people that just spend their time complaining, blaming anything just to not take the responsibility for their gluttony…


That’s stupid! The fault is yours, people!


Yes, yours! If you eat 4 sandwiches before lunch, like a snack, and then first course, second course… and even dessert, I’ve a news for ya:


How do you think yo get rid of all this fat and calories? Unless you’re an athlete… you’re going to gain way more weight, over and over.


C’mon, try to be real, at least with yourself.


I don’t wanna wait until reaching a dead end… if there’s something wrong, I react. I know that’s not easy at all! You need sacrifice, determination, and follow a simple rule: do not eat more than you can burn. Miraculous diets or effective slimming products don’t exist. Miracles don’t exist, but your force of will does.


In the end:




So, start to build self-confidence! If you really want it…

And if you can’t because of reasons, like having some hard time, and you need carbs and chocolate “to be happy”, don’t blame yourself. Be conscious about your choice, recognizing that you’re just passing through a hard time… that you will end up being chubby and that’s it … but don’t overdo, because for every gluttony there are many sacrifices to do afterwards.

And this applies to everyone, even to the ones who say

“Well, I eat a lot but I never get fat” Aaargh! Bullshit!

Today you eat like a horse, tomorrow you don’t eat a damn…



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